Fuck you gdpr


Imagine the following situation:

It’s about lunch time and you just realize you forgot your sandwiches at home.
The sun is shining, there’s a nice burger place near the office. No problemo.

You start walking.

All of a sudden a strangers gives you the evil eye. He starts shouting at you.

Stranger: “Ey, You There!”
You: “Err… me?”
Stranger: “Yeah you! You little piece of sh*t!”
You “Hmm, sorry?”
Stranger: “You scumbag, you slimy, mischievous, deceiving douche bag”
You: “Do I know you?!”
Stranger: “You’re a marketeer aren’t you? You should be ashamed of yourself. You disgust me.
I’m GDPR and I’m here to mess you up real good. You and your fellow marketing weasels!”
You: “You don’t even know me, so F*CK YOU GDPR!”

The point is this:
Ever since this GDPR thing took of, it seems like it had one starting point:
“Marketeers are douche bags.”

I’ve been in marketing for a small decade and loved it from the start.
It was Seth Godin who inspired me to become a marketeer.
Be different, be good, honest, deliver true values.

That was my starting point. And with me for sure many other marketeers.

Yet, these days I feel like scum of the earth.
And it shouldn’t be this way.

All this negativism. Why?

All these “GDPR for [insert your job title] ” workshops are ridiculous.
It feels like “How not to be a shitty [insert your job title] ”

The conversation could easily be turned around.
By talking about the advantages, transparency and other good stuff clients/customers want concerning their privacy.

I truly believe privacy is an important matter.
And I believe GDPR can deliver value for customers.

So maybe we can focus on “GDPR for customers” instead?

Kind regards,
Slimy, mischievous, deceiving marketing douchebag








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